About Us

About 'Thevasa'

Vasa (Sanskrit for home). We have travelled all over and realise how little we know of this land. At Thevasa, we’re coming back home with dreams from all over the world.

Our products begin as conversations and then move on to creativity and passion of the artists. We want to showcase the beauty of Indian artforms from all over the country for the new Indian; one who exudes confidence in self and India.

We are rediscovering India and the world as we have understood it. We want to bring India to you, so you can take it all along with you everywhere you go. At Thevasa, our India is like you; elegant and one of a kind.


Thevasa was conceptualized by Neha Karla, Design Enthusiast and Entrepreneur. While attempting to rediscover, revive and sustain, India’s beautiful art, craft and culture. She wants to ensure economic empowerment of indigenous artisanal communities. She collaborated with Archi Modi (design head) and Yuvraj Gaur (operations head) to launch the first collection themed on Santorini.

Thevasa first collection: Santorini

Why Santorini? Because the bond of the Indoi (Greek for Indians) and the Yavanas (Sanskrit for Greek) is one for the ages. Separated by seas, mountains, and many lands, two of the oldest civilisations in the world have fascinating shared histories and mythologies.

The hues of Santorini and the artisans of India have come together to give us our first collection for the modern Indian woman. Calm as the waters of Fira, the magical city of Santorini, she wears the eclectic shades of India/ Bharat with ease. She makes a statement wherever she goes; work, home, and everything in between. Each of Thevasa’s block printed sarees have been carefully crafted for her with love and care.